In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, Barry Stoodley Pty Ltd offers a wide range of services to the transport and associated industries.

Hydraulic Fitouts

Barry Stoodley Pty Ltd is the South Australian agent for the David Brown Powauto range of hydraulic equipment. This means that we have access to the best hydraulic equipment on the market, and the experience to install it. From simple tipper installations to complex multi-purpose applications, no hydraulic challenge is too great.

Prime Mover Fitouts

In addition to hydraulic equipment, we also specialise in general prime mover fitting, including:

  • Fifth wheels – available as fixed, ballrace, compensating or sliding
  • Mudguards – either plastic, aluminium or stainless steel guards, or spring type rubber guards
  • Conveyor-type guards – available for most types of suspensions
  • Air gauges – either digital or analogue air load indicators can be fitted to air suspended drive suspensions
  • Walkplates
  • Racks / Trays – for mounting of toolboxes, air conditioners or water tanks, or storage of dogs, chains, stiff bars or even spare tyres
  • Tow crossmembers – from non ADR compliant dolly pulls for shunting dollies around a yard, to rated tow crossmembers for towing laden trailers
  • Toolboxes / Tanks – with access to Waterjet cutting facilities and precision folding, Barry Stoodley Pty Ltd can manufacture and fit customised toolboxes, water tanks or oil tanks

Wheelbase Alterations

Every frame alteration or wheelbase modifications is different. We are experts at lengthening or reducing truck wheelbases or frames, and look carefully at every job and application.

Tig Welding

  • Tank modifications and repairs – we repair and modify aluminium and steel fuel tanks, including splitting for part-hydraulic oil capacity
  • Custom manufacture – with access to precision cutting and folding processes, we can produce an endless range of customised toolboxes,
  • water tanks (including under-cab types), light brackets, walk-plates, control boxes, and safety access equipment

Water Jet Cutting

Barry Stoodley Pty Ltd has two CNC controlled water jet (abrasive jet) cutting machines. This allows us to rapidly design and cut specialised parts for our own workshops, as well as cut a huge range of products and materials for our customers.