Specialised Equipment

Throughout Barry Stoodley Pty Ltd’s history, we have tackled a wide variety of complex and challenging projects. We have worked closely with customers such as Titan Bulk Transport, Kalari Transport, Halliburton, Gambier Earthmovers, JJ Richards, and many others to develop custom transport solutions, such as multi-purpose road train skeletal trailers, multi-purpose side-tipping B-doubles, customised mobile plant trailers, over-dimension mobile plant for oil and gas exploration, and a variety of widening-ramp, deck-widening, and even full widening floats. The common element is the time and effort that goes into designing, engineering and manufacturing products that meet or exceed the design criteria

Wide Beam Flat Top

Heavy duty flat top trailer for transport of 40’ ISO tank & pumping equipment, & field storage of water.

Coil-Tube Trailer

Heavy duty over-dimensional trailer for transport & operation of coil-tube & injector.

Multi-Purpose Trailer

Wide-beam skel trailer for cartage of cement in ISO tankers & packs of copper.

Multi-Purpose Side-Tipper

B-Double trailers for side tipping of refined mineral sands, & cartage of water or slurry in the demountable tanks either end of each trailer.

Demountable Water Tank

20000L demountable water tank to suit existing skel trailer, with diesel motor & pump, for cartage of recycled water.

Triaxle Flat-top Pig

Low-profile triaxle pig for long-distance transport of waste bins.