Long considered to be the most efficient and accessible trailer combination on the road, B-Doubles can be produced in a range of configurations. Each configuration has its particular benefits that make it more or less suitable for a given application. In addition to selecting the most appropriate combination, there are a host of dimensions and internal axle spacings, and weight distribution to consider. This is where Barry Stoodley Pty Ltd can help – we consider each customer’s application to ensure the final product best suits the application and the prime mover.

Fixed Body

The ultimate in tare weight and affordability. Built to do one job: to tip bulk product in front of the suspension, through the chassis. Our hybrid press-formed/I-beam chassis offers high strength and unbeatable tare weights... View Products >>

Roll Back

Our most popular B-double trailer: Grid-tip in front of the axles, or roll the body back to tip at the rear of the chassis. Double acting hydraulic transfer cylinder with hard-chromed stages offers reliable motion of the body backwards and forwards, even when you’re still loaded...
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The most versatile of A-trailers. We pioneered the sliding A-trailer in the 1980’s, using 5th wheel mechanisms with automatic locking to secure the body in both the front and rear position. The sliding suspension frame allows the load to be grid-tipped through the suspension or over the back of the trailer. The trailer can be used as a single trailer, lead trailer, or even be fitted with a pin-type coupling for use as a road train lead trailer... View Products >>


Jackknife B-doubles allow both trailers to be tipped without unhooking. The 5th wheel is located under the rear of the A-trailer body, which pivots on a reinforced cantilever. The lead trailer can be tipped over the front of the B-trailer chassis, or the rear trailer can be jack-knifed to one side so the A-trailer can be reversed into a bay or a heap. Even if the B-trailer needs to be unhooked, the A-trailer can be tipped over the rear of the chassis without having to roll the body or slide the suspension... View Products >>